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Las Vegas has many auto insurance agencies claiming that they can save you money on your car insurance, but how many of them actually deliver? 360 Insurance works

A red automobile. Our Las Vegas Insurance Agency offers excellent service and rates.

Auto insurance Las Vegas

independently from the big insurance providers. Better yet, we work for our customers by putting them (big insurance providers) against each other so they bid for your business to provide you the best possible rate for auto insurance.

Cheap insurance is one thing but to have cost effective auto insurance is another. Las Vagas is unique in this regard as we believe our auto insurance rates are the most competitive in Vegas without skimping on coverage.

Las Vegas Classic Car Insurance

Due to dry weather and avid collectors Las Vegas is home to many classic cars. Most collectors have more than one classic car they need insurance for, in fact the average collector in Las Vegas has 5 cars within their collections. That makes for some pretty hefty premiums! If your policies are constructed correctly, you can save a ton of money on classic car insurance. At 360 Insurance we understand the best way to insure classic cars which saves our policy holders a ton of money which they can spend on what they love, classic cars!

Car insurance terms

1. Liability Coverage(a) The company pays damages for which an insured becomes legally obligated because negligent acts or omissions resulted in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party; (b) the company defends the insured against liability suits for damages caused to the third party, paying various expenses in this connection; and (c) vehicles covered include the insured’s own cars, a newly acquired car, and a temporary substitute car.

2. Medical Payments Coverage – The company pays medical expenses for bodily injury incurred by the insured (including spouse and relatives) and any other person while they occupy the insured car.

3. Uninsured Motorist Coverage – The company pays damages that the insured is legally entitled to collect from the owner or driver of an uninsured motor vehicle.

4. Comprehensive Coverage – The company pays for loss to the insured’s car for all damages, in excess of a deductible amount, except due to collision.

5. Collision Coverage – The company pays for loss to the insured’s car for all damages in excess of a deductible amount caused by collision.

6. Towing and Labor Coverage – The company pays for the towing and labor up to a per incident policy limit due to breakdown of the insured vehicle.

7. Car Rental Expense Coverage – The company pays for car rental up to a daily dollar limit, when the insured’s car cannot run due to a loss incurred.

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